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This golden balm features an exceptionally high concentration of immortelle essential oil to boost radiance by speeding cellular turnover: skin is smoother, fresher, brighter. Think of this as a serum in solid form, a nutrient-dense infusion with the added benefit of beeswax which creates a humectant seal and protective barrier to lock moisture in and keep bacteria out!

Radiance Balm is meant to be used in place of traditional face lotion or cream. Sound strange? This is how it works:

Lotions and creams are a combination of oil and water held together by an emulsifier.  The oils provide moisture and nutrition. The water serves only to help draw the oils deeper into your skin, without contributing any healing or hydrating properties. When you apply a balm to damp skin, you achieve the same effect: the moisture on your face helps the beneficial oils in the balm to penetrate (you're basically making a lotion right on your skin each time you need it!) except that in this case you are maximizing the potency of your skin care by using only pure, plant-based ingredients and minimizing your exposure to unnecessary and harmful substances such as emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, and preservatives.

FOR: all skin types, even the most sensitive. Particularly indicated in the case of dry, dull, damaged, irritated, or aging skin.

APPLY: after your serum, in place of cream or lotion. Mist face with hydrosol, melt a tiny amount of balm between fingertips, then press into dampened skin. Mist toner again to help the balm penetrate.

**Marfa Medicinals is a collection of streamlined organic skin care. Our formulas are thoughtful and stripped down: we use a minimum of plant-based ingredients to maximum effect, creating products that are as efficient and as easy for the skin to assimilate as possible.  

Our aim is to help every skin achieve its own unique balance. We do this by developing products that support rather than interfere with your skin’s natural functioning, which respect its individuality, it’s integrity, and it’s capacity for renewal. Instead of emphasizing cosmetic correction, we work hard to formulate products that equip your skin with the tools it needs to heal itself. We choose our ingredients very carefully for their ability to increase the rate of cellular turnover and decrease inflammation without disrupting the skin’s acid mantle.

Marfa Medicinals products are made without fillers. That means they don’t merely contain active botanicals - they are made up entirely of active botanicals. We develop all of our own formulas, blending and packaging each product by hand in micro-batches to ensure optimal freshness. Even our packaging is hand-stamped and hand folded!

Marfa Medicinals is developed in the high desert of far West Texas. Our approach to skincare is very much influenced by this arid climate- by the unrelenting sun, the biting winds, and withering dryness. In a place where it is nearly impossible to keep skin hydrated, where moisturizer appears to disappear instantly, where fine lines are exaggerated and chapped lips can seem incurable, we started making products tailored particularly to the the rigors of such a rough environment. That’s why you’ll find that our formulations emphasize feeding the skin over stripping it, and why so many of our products are in oil or salve form, as opposed to less nourishing foams and gels. This does not mean that our products are only suitable for desert climates; on the contrary, it means that if our products can keep skin healthy and glowing out here, they can do it anywhere!

Founder and formulator Ylana Frydman has been a Marfa resident since 2002, when she first began researching herbalism and developing her line of natural skin care.