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  • Lid may act as burner
  • 20+ cones per tin
  • Natural essential oils
  • Natural bamboo charcoal cone
  • Handmade
  • Reusable/recyclable packaging
  • Travels well + perfect gift
  • Burn time: 20 min approx.
  • Scent lasts 2-4 hours (medium sized room)

Ploom - will transport you into your most ideal world. The dark tobacco balances out the gardenia and bay for the perfect sensory experience. 

  • SCENT NOTES: gardenia, tobacco, bay, guaiacwood, sandalwood, tonka bean

Izba - brings together warm smells of wood, wild herbs, and smoky fireplaces. 

  • SCENT NOTES: cedarwood, lavender

Lone - An amature collection of moss specimens from the damp swampy forests of New Orleans, trapped in a box, individually tagged, identified and accounted for. Bright and alive, damp and ancient. 

  • SCENT NOTES: cedarwood, New Orleans moss, African bluegrass, fig

    Malus - Sometimes bad things can be good things. The Malus Blackbird Incense Tin will remind you of whiskey and cigarettes on an old wool shirt. It might make you think of an old leather chair with no bounce left or rotting bark. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and let's face it, life is to short for perfection.

    • SCENT NOTES: Nootka cypress, oak, amyris, cypriol, scotch whisky, damp ash, vanilla, leather

    Muru- Muru is a sophisticated and rich, green, woody-earthy smell. Burning Muru imparts a foreign, exotic feel to any atmosphere. The name Muru means grass in Estonian.

    • SCENT NOTES: vetiver, yuzu, cypress, soil

      Ai - brings together the verdant, luscious scent of the deep woods and fields with the richness and texture of marble palaces and monumental halls. 

      • SCENT NOTES: geranium, rose stem, moss, mint

      Tilde - the little squiggle punctuation mark at the far left on your keyboard. The punctuation mark on your day that provokes primal earth and ancient woods to play with the fresh green growth of wild flowers, shrubs and cedar saplings.

      • SCENT NOTES: agarwood/oud, black pepper, sage, patchouli, geranium, cedarwood

      Mars - Mars is a terrestrial incense consisting of imaginary resins and spices from the red planet. Our rovers traverse the rocky terrain searching for signs of alien life within the silica regolith. Mars smells of warm red spicy things with a bright and dusty incense at its core. Believe it or not, our team of Martians hand form every cone in the image of Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in our solar system. 

      • SCENT NOTES: dragon’s blood resin, frankincense, benzoin, spices and dust

        Gorgo - based on the legendary story of Gorgo the Queen of Sparta, wife to King Leonidas, who discovered a secret message warning of Xerxes invasion of Sparta. Rich layers of wood and beeswax offer a organic, natural scent. 

        • SCENT NOTES: wood bouquet and beeswax

        Targa - Cold incense and woods burning in the distance of a frozen modern terrain. Targa harnesses earth's primal smoke and restructures it to feel fresh and contemporary in our ever evolving world.

        • SCENT NOTES: guaiacwood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, frankincense, cedarwood, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, sandalwood, smoke, myrrh and vetiver